You Can Purchase Your FRANKENSTEIN TRIKE REAR END or TRIKE KIT Directly From us here at FRANKENSTEIN TRIKES or From one of our dealers.

Trike Rear End Widths are measured from outside of wheel mounting flange to outside of wheel mounting flange.



 All Frankenstein Trike  Rear Ends have 9" Ford Street/Strip Axles with sealed bearings & Dana 30 Differential packed with EP Moly grease when assembled.    Only the best is good enough!

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"Standard" Trike rear ends for bikes with stock rear tire size up to 170, sprocket/pulley mounting surface is 3 1/4" from center.


30" HOT ROD Std.

34" HOT ROD Std.

38" SPORT Std.

42" SPORT Std.


"200" Trike rear ends for bikes with stock rear tire size up to 200, sprocket/pulley mounting surface is 4 1/4" from center.

32" HOT ROD 200

36" HOT  ROD  200

40" SPORT 200


"250" Trike rear ends for bikes with stock rear tire size up to 250, sprocket/pulley mounting surface is 5 1/4" from center.

34" HOT ROD 250

38" HOT ROD 250

42" SPORT 250


One year unlimited miles from date of purchase.

Replacement Parts
Differential seal: National oil seal # 481213 $3.50 each
Differential Bearing: # 62102RS $15.00 each
Axle Bearing: BCA # RW207-CCRA $30.00 each
Brake Pads: HHI-101-001 $29.00 pair

Our Trike rear end has a Dana 30 open differential,  there must be a differential in any rear end used on the street to allow the outside wheel to turn faster when cornering. It pulls on both tires all the time unless you have one wheel on sand or a slick surface, then that tire would spin. It  isn't a positrac or limited slip, a positrac or limited slip has clutches inside the differential to limit wheel spin on one wheel, these are designed for the weight of a car and does not work well on a trike, it would have a tendency to push the trike straight in corners.
We had a 140 HP 145 ft.lbs. of torque 127 cu. in. engine in the Frankenstein trike, it would smoke both tires or if it hooked up, wheelie.
Since it does not have a driveshaft it has no tendencies to lift the right rear tire and spin it like a car without a positrac or limited slip differential.