Albert's Softail


Hey, guys. I did some business with you guys about a year ago. Joe G. was my mechanic and he was in touch with you quite a bit. Well, my trike was finished in Feb. of this year and since then, I have put about 7,000 miles on it, including a 2500 mile trip to Atlanta, GA. The trike never failed me. I have enclosed a couple of pictures for you to see how it turned out.

Since I am riding without a right arm, there were a few mods that were required to get me back on. These included:
left hand throttle
converted hand controls to utilize Kawasaki controls (I gotta use the turn signals, right?)
pingel electric shifter
labriola foot clutch/hand shifter
linked brakes on the right foot
7 degree trees w/+2 fork tubes
15x12 Mickey Thompson wheels w/3.5 inch backspacing (gotta have the big meats)















Tires: Rr..

Frontend: .

Accessories: .

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