Norwegian Lars Eriksen's 2003 Custom V Rod, The X-ROD Trike.

Lars started with a 2003 Harley V-Rod, bought a V-Rod body kit and front-end from Germany, cut the frame to lower the seat, modified the air box cover and tail section, made the fiberglass rear fenders, fender mounts, wheelie bars, and added our 32" HOT ROD 200 Trike rear-end and a couple of 17" X 13 1/2" wheels with Michelin 335/35 X 17 tires. On the front he installed a 17" X 6 1/2"  wheel with 190 Metzeler rubber. If that wasn't enough, he also installed a Garret Turbo and Nitrous.  Congratulations Lars, Fantastic trike!











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