'05 MCWORX Trike w. Mystery Rear End.

Drivetrain: Ultima 113 cu. in. polished engine, Roadmax 6 speed polished transmission and BDL inclosed chain primary.

Chassis:  MCWORX / Viking Trike frame, made specifically for Mystery Designs independent suspension trike rear end, 0" up stretch, 7" forward stretch and 44 degree rake..

Wheels: Rr. 18 X 12,  Ft: 18 X 3.5

Tires: Rr.335 / 30 X 18 Michelin.

Frontend: 41 mm Wideglide, w. 7 degree triple trees.

Accessories: All sheetmetal custom made in our shop.  Paint by: Coops Custom Paint.   Upholstery by: Mitch Bass.

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