'05 Frank's "Dragster" Trike.

Frank's "Dragster" Trike, he rode this 1800 miles the week after Sturgis 2005, thru Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Kansas. Frank built this frame in 2003, but just now took time to finish it.  More pictures from the trip under " Gallery" then " Sturgis"


Drivetrain: M/C WORX 93 cu. in. nosecone Shovel engine "Dyna 5 speed, BDL primary.

Chassis:M/C WORX / Viking Narrow Trike frame, 46 degree rake, 1" up, 3" fwd. stretch. This Frame was built in 2003, but bike was not finished till march 2005.

Wheels: Rr. 18" X 12" Weld Pro Stars, Ft. 2.15"X19" Chopper Sixty.

Tires: Rr. 335/30 ZR 18 Michelen Pilot Sport,  Ft. 100/90x19 Avon.

Frontend: Custom Speed 8 degree raked triple-trees, "Torpedo" lower legs, 18in. over tubes.

Accessories:   All design and fabrication by M/C WORX / Viking, Paint by Coops Custom Paint, Upholstery by Mitch Bass.

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