Mike's FX Digger

Chassis: Viking 240 FX Jackshaft Digger Frame, 3" fwd, 1" up 46 degree rake.

Front-end: 7 degree Custom Speed Trees, Pro One legs, 16" over.

Wheels & Tires: DNA Chopper Sixty's, 18" X 8.5" rear, 19" front, Metzeler tires.

Sheet metal: RW rear fender and tank, modified by owner/ builder.

Engine: Ultima 113 cu.in. Hexed and polished by Mike's Metalpolishing.

Transmission: Rev Tech Dyna 6 speed, polished.

Primary drive: BDL 3 open primary.

Accessories: Handle bars and Exhaust pipes custom built by owner/builder. Seat by Mitch Bass. Paint by COOP's CUSTOM PAINT.

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