'96 Yellow Chopper

Drivetrain: 96 cu. in. S&S / Edelbrock engine, H-D 5 speed trans. Karata 3 in. open belt drive.

Chassis: Chopper Guy's, Fat Guy Rigid, raked by M/C Works to 47 degrees.

Wheels: Rr. 5x16 Akront / Ft. 2.5x19 Akront.

Tires: Rr. 200/60x16 Avon / Ft. 100/90x19 Avon.

Frontend: CSI 7 degree raked triple tree, 16 in. over tubes, FXWG lower legs, 3.5 in. trail.

Accessories: Custom made, 2.25 in. stepped pipes (and no, you wouldn't get burned on the pipes unless you touched them), sproket and brake on same side, switches through tank, stepped rear fender. This bike was started mid December '95, when the 200 tire became available, it was finished mid January '96. Graphics and lettering by Dennis Shepard. I was inspired to build this bike after visiting Chopper Freaks in Fredrikstad, Norway, summer '95.

- Iron Horse Magazine, Nov. '98.

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